Applying to film school

You will find numerous acclaimed schools in New York, a city from where you will be able to benefit from the industry exposure. Make sure you look for reviews and shared experiences from the film students themselves before deciding which film school you want to attend. Look for the career opportunities provided by the graduation of the film school before making a choice. It's very important that you determine from the beginning what is your exact goal of working in this industry. That shouldn't be so hard to establish as you probably know at this point whether you would like to make commercial or independent cinema. You can normally choose from three types of film schools: Independent film school, experimental film school and industry film school. In order to apply to film school you must demonstrate first that you are able to attend this type of school. Unfortunately in most cases starting from scratch is virtually impossible. That is why you may want to start accumulating knowledge in the field to impress the audience. Many film schools also require examples of your writing or even a screenplay, photographs or an animation storyboard. This also gives you the chance to make a good impression and get admitted to a top film school. If you are properly prepared, applying to film school will become an easy and pleasant task.